An engraved harlequin ring for Anne

  • Anne's completed ring, with an engraved triangle pattern inset with diamonds.
  • Our sketches for Anne.
  • Her diamond earrings before we unset the stones.
  • Working with petite diamonds doesn’t always mean making a petite piece. We often receive requests to make tiny stones into bolder jewels, as was the case with Anne, who had two pairs of earrings from her mother set with smaller diamonds, but wanted a more substantial ring that she could wear in place of her wedding set. 

    We presented her with an array of medium width bands, but Anne wanted even more gold! We upped the ante and doubled the width from our original sketches to 10mm and set her diamonds in graphic, engraved triangles, which recalls a harlequin pattern. 

    The ring arrived perfectly timed with a long awaited moment - family reunited for Anne’s birthday.