Cara’s compass earrings

  • Cara's finished peridot earrings!
  • Our sketch for Cara.
  • Cara's grandmother's peridot earrings "before".
  • Sometimes all it takes is a little sparkle to make a stone really sing. Such was the case with Cara’s peridot earrings, which she had inherited many years ago from her grandmother, but never wore. Cara is a redhead and loved the way the bright green peridot complimented her coloring, but found the style of her inherited earrings to be very dated.


    We put together several wearable designs to help take her stones from the 1980s to the 2020s. By paring down the metal and adding clean bezel settings accented with diamonds at the compass points, Cara’s earrings went from being fussy to a functional pair of earrings she can wear every day.