What to do with a brooch?

  • Baby pin conversions with a tiny rectangle link chain.
  • Vintage enamel pins converted into charms hung off a medium weight paperclip chain.
  • We crafted this patterned cuff around a long pin.
  • We isolated the bird element of a brooch into two pairs of handmade dangles.
  • A long pin hung vertically can make a great pendant.
  • This sweater pin makes an elegant short necklace on an antique inspired chain.
  • Once the epitome of status and elegance, brooches and pins have had a rough go over the last 50 years. As fashion changed from the graphic silhouettes and heavy fabrics of the 1980s and prior, to the more pared down, minimalist silhouettes of the 1990s through present, brooches lost their place and function in the modern wardrobe. Though these styles have seen a resurgence in popularity in the last several years, not everyone leads a brooch-friendly lifestyle, leading to the question: what do I do with an old brooch or pin? 

    The most effective solution we find for turning an unworn pin into a piece you’ll treasure, is to carefully remove the pin back and add a well chosen chain. This quickly turns your dated pin into the perfect pendant for everyday wear. Looking for more of a statement style? An old brooch can act as an accent clasp on a colorful strand of beads.

    If necklaces aren’t your style, smaller components from a brooch make beautiful stud or drop earrings for special occasions, while longer brooches can make for bold power cuff accents when paired with sleek stamped metal.  Scroll through for a look at some of our favorite pin conversion projects.