What to do with a sentimental coin?

  • Miscellaneous coins in our studio awaiting re-purposing.
  • Coin keychain set in 14kt rose gold with a paperclip.
  • Simone's antique coin set in 14kt yellow gold with an accent ruby.
  • A special AA token necklace celebrating a sober anniversary. Set with Moonstone, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire.
  • An antique love token, set in a handmade bezel with diamonds throughout the chain.
  • An unrefined bezel set about an imperfect ancient coin.
  • A hand engraved mangolia on a gold coin, set on a delicate cable chain in mixed metals.
  • Sentimental coins come into our lives as travel souvenirs, antiques, novelties, and tokens. Coins have lent themselves to jewelry applications throughout history, so it's natural for us to create jewelry from them for our clients.

    We've taken different approaches to coins in our work depending on their size, material, value, and story. Looking back over these projects, one thing is consistent - we love the way paperclip chain looks paired with coins.