Make one <i>Necklace</i> from your <i>Gemstones</i>

Make one Necklace from your Gemstones

From $355.00

A cluster of differently shaped gemstones makes a wearable and interesting necklace for every day. We can source the perfect stones to compliment those you already own. 

Make <i>Clip on Earrings</i> into <i>Necklaces</i>

Make Clip on Earrings into Necklaces

From $125.00


Clip on earrings are painful to wear.  With the addition of a unique chain and a few sparkling diamonds we can transform the clip ons you never wear into a pair of necklaces that can be...

Set a <i>Gemstone</i> in a <i>Simple Ring</i>

Set a Gemstone in a Simple Ring

From $420.00

Smooth and heavy for its size, our simple bezel ring transforms cabochon gemstones into a understated ring for every day. 

We can remove your cabochon out of an older piece you send to us, or set your...

Add <i>engraving</i> to your <i> signet ring</i>

Add engraving to your signet ring

From $355.00

Hand engraving can personalize and elevate gold jewelry, coins, and signets. We can engrave any type of flower, symbol, portrait, or letters. 

Make a <i>Coin</i> into a <i>Necklace</i>

Make a Coin into a Necklace

From $695.00

Transform the currency forgotten in the bottom drawer of your jewelry box into a unique pendant accented with a complimentary gem stone and a delicate chain. This is the perfect project for the...

Make <i>Gemstones</i> into <i>Stud Earrings</i>

Make Gemstones into Stud Earrings

From $375.00

Side stones are natural choices for stud earrings. If you have smaller gems set in a brooch, ring mounting, hat pin, or another piece of heirloom jewelry, we can remove them from the original settings and...

Combine my <i>Cameo Pin</i> and <i>Pearl Necklace</i>

Combine my Cameo Pin and Pearl Necklace

From $89.00

Cathy had a beautiful strand of pearls and a cameo pin she never wore. We added the perfect gold loop to the cameo that slides right over the pearls.
Combine my <i>Brooch</i> and <i>Vintage Coral</i>

Combine my Brooch and Vintage Coral

From $89.00

Lisa had a beautiful strand of coral and a gold pin she never wore. We added the brooch as a decorative clasp for the coral beads.