A quick fix

Make something sparkly and new using the materials you already have. 

Gemstone projects

Use gemstones from disparate pieces of heirloom jewelry to create something new. 

Gem Cluster Necklace

Let your gemstones mingle on a  20" chain.

From $1640

Gem Charm Necklace

Our take on a charm necklace using your collected gems.

From $450

Single Gem Pendant

Highlight a sentimental gemstone on a delicate gold chain.

From $255

Gemstones By The Yard

Your collected gemstones integrated into a gold chain. 

From $550

Diamond projects

Reset inherited diamonds in smart new settings. 


Refresh your diamond studs and set them in Malachite, Lapis, or Onyx.

From $990

Diamond Chain

Wear your diamond everyday in a simple gold chain. 

From $350

Butter Stick Bands

Reset your diamond baguettes in a simple gold band. 

From $350

Custom Engagement Ring

Work with our team to create the perfect setting for your treasured heirloom stones. 

From $1500

Pearl & bead projects

Send us your unworn pearls and beads. 

Pearl Drips Necklace

Perfect for splitting up a sentimental strand of pearls into multiple necklaces. 

From $480

Duo Necklace

Turn one strand into 2 distinctive necklaces. We will match your pearls with colorful beads of the same size and restring them with our signature toggle clasp. 

From $360

Duo Earrings

Dangly earrings using your pearls.

From $428

Pinto Ring

Your single pearl set into a golden band. 

From $332

Pinto Necklace

Your pearl on a gold chain delicately tied with silk. 

From $192

Lima Earrings

Six of your pearls or beads transformed into everyday gold earrings using handmade gold french wires.

From $227

Charms, Cufflinks, & Coins

Transform sentimental odds and ends into wearable elegant pieces.

Coin Necklace

Set your antique coin in a custom gold setting.  

From $625

Cufflink Earrings

Transform cufflinks that never get worn into stud earrings.

From $125

Charm Hoops

Handmade hoops to display your antique charms. 

From $115

Charm Necklace

We will design a customized chain for you to wear your charm as a necklace. 

From $125

Something else in mind?

If you'd like to work on a custom piece, talk to us: hello@spurjewelry.com