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We created SPUR for the love of jewelry, family, and meaningful connections between generations. We renovate heirloom materials into the new wearable jewels you will enjoy every day. We believe jewelry is meant to be worn.

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Esther Fell
Hannah Kim
Victoria LaMantia
Andrea Lipsky-Karasz
Jacqueline Lung
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Simone Paasche & Sophie Fader

Simone is a designer and artist. She holds a degree in jewelry and metal smithing from RISD and launched her collection of fine jewelry in 2015. As she became an established NYC jeweler she found herself fielding many requests to work with sentimental heirlooms. When she was sure she needed to create a new company that fully focused on re-working heirloom jewelry, the first person she called was her childhood friend Sophie.

Sophie is the third generation in her family to go into the jewelry business. Inspired from a young age by her grandmother's and great-great grandparent's jewelry businesses, she was always drawn to jewelry making and took silversmithing classes as a teenager. After working in traditional jewelry retail as well as in technology, she recognized the craft, business, and technology challenges of re-working heirlooms. Sophie joined Simone in founding Spur and creating a home for heirloom renovations in 2018.

Recycling is fundamental.

The craft of fine jewelry making is an experiment in reducing, re-using, and recycling by nature. The components that make up fine jewelry are inherently re-usable. Their tremendously high value discourages their waste. By re-working the jewelry you don't wear into your new favorites, we're able to capture both the material and sentimental value that's already in your jewelry box right now.

We're deeply invested in ethical sourcing and can customize any design to reflect your personal choices.

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