SPUR & Erica Weiner

Erica's wedding band after we renovated it into tiny hoop earrings.

Tiny hoops for Erica.

Erica asked us to "beat the hell" out of her wedding band from her first marriage, so we did. We banged up the 18kt gold with a variety of hammers and then sawed it into two halves of the whole. Each half was forged into a tiny beautiful hoop earring.

Lindsay's re-cut and set Oregon Sunstone.

Sunstone ring for Lindsay.

Setting this sentimental sunstone for Lindsay was such an honor. Her father mined it himself in Oregon, her home state. He had it cut at the time but unfortunately the original cut was just not right for daily wear. We re-cut it into a gorgeous oval and then set it in a custom signet style 14kt gold ring.

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Sophie listening carefully to Erica & Lindsay circa 2011

Sophie at Erica Weiner

"Erica & Lindsay gave me my start in jewelry after I met them in 2006. They are rare mentors and supporters of women in the industry. Several of my co-workers from that time have also gone on to start their own jewelry lines! In many ways SPUR is a continuation of an interest in recycling jewelry materials that was planted at EW. " - SPUR CEO, Sophie Fader

What to renovate?

Most jewelry and small sentimental treasures make good candidates for renovations. Some pieces lend themselves to being altered in their original form, others can be dissembled into their component parts to create new pieces. Gemstone jewelry, coins and tokens, cameos, intaglios, chunky gold jewelry, clip on earrings, inherited diamonds, and pearls are all versatile materials and can be recycled.

Our Process