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On your phone consultation you will be connecting directly with a talented designer from our small team! In order to get the most out of this dedicated and focused time, here are some easy ways to prep!
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Are we working with heirlooms?

If we're working with materials you already have, take them out and spend some time looking at them. Which are your favorite stones? Which items hold the most sentimental value? Do you see any material or color combinations that excite you? Take note of any markings or gold karat stamps.

Are we sourcing gemstones or diamonds?

Spend a bit of time thinking about your favorite diamond or gemstone colors and shapes. Do you prefer geometry? organic shapes? Do you like lots of color? Or the sparkling effect of uninterrupted diamonds?
We can source antique cut or post consumer contemporary cut diamonds, as well as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and more. We absolutely love finding unique stones for you like yellow diamonds and Montana sapphires.

Think about your taste and style.

On your call you we may ask about your jewelry taste. Before your appointment you should take a look at your daily pieces. Do you prefer pieces that are minimal or more ornate? An antique look or contemporary? Yellow gold, rose gold or white/platinum?

Do you have a budget or timeline in mind?

It's often easier for us to work backwards from your budget (especially if we're sourcing diamonds or gemstones for you). Let us know if you have a specific budget in mind.
Our production timeline is typically 3 months. We have limited ability to rush engagement ring projects. Handling heirlooms is a careful and time consuming process. Please keep us appraised of any important dates.

The majority of our custom settings are in the $2000 to $5000 range (+ sourced gemstones or diamonds) in 14kt gold.

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