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Our mission is to make your jewelry and sentimental treasures wearable for your everyday life. In an effort to make our time tested solutions for jewelry lovers more accessible, we've added a few easy to shop greatest hits to our ever evolving collection. Watch this space!

Charm Holder

We created the charm holder of our dreams to incorporate our sentimental odds and ends into our daily wardrobe. It's perfect for dressing up childhood charms, or as a staging area to curate antiques.
Customize your Charm Holder

Coin Necklace

Coin necklaces are an enduring favorite at SPUR headquarters. A petite accent stone and a custom solid gold bezel elevate your sentimental coin to fine jewelry. This style layers well but is substantial enough to wear alone.

Use our Coin Necklace Composer to start your custom necklace order with a coin or token from your collection (or pick one from ours!).
Compose your coin necklace