We renovate your jewelry box.

Transform the jewelry you never wear. 

Custom jewelry renovations

Simple transformations for your not-quite-right jewelry.

"Turn my heavy clip-on earrings from my mother into everyday necklaces."

"Make my pin into dangly earrings!"

Pearls Gone Wild

Inherited a strand of pearls you never wear? Create an entire wardrobe of contemporary jewelry from a single strand of pearls. 

Prix fixe jewelry projects

Made from your collected odds and ends. 

Turn your coin into a necklace.

Set your studs into colorful new jackets.

Our Process

Send us a picture of your heirloom jewelry along with a note about what you would like to change. We will brainstorm and provide three design options for each custom project and corresponding pricing. When you're ready to move forward, we'll send you a secure shipping kit complete with an insured shipping label. Shipping is free both ways; pop your items in the mail!

Once we have your materials, we'll confirm your estimates and get started on crafting your new jewelry. 


Fine jewelry designed by Simone Paasche

Renovate inherited diamonds for a modern wedding.

We specialize in crafting unique engagement rings and wedding bands from heirloom jewelry. Our thoughtful design process will honor your inherited pieces while creating something special and new.