How to reset a diamond as a necklace.

  • An inherited emerald cut diamond set in an antique style white gold chain for Ronna.
  • Tiny antique diamonds set in a delicate 14kt yellow gold chain.
  • Katharine's inherited Old European Cut diamond set in a thin gold bezel.
  • Caroline's inherited diamond set in a bold paperclip chain.
  • Mollie's pear shaped diamond set in a claw prong pendant.
  • We frequently re-set inherited engagement rings and other special diamonds as single stone pendants. Depending on the shape and size of the stone, there are lots of minute decisions to consider. Chain type and length in particular can determine how subtle or bold the necklace will look.

    We'll discuss your choice of metal color, chain, length, and setting type as we settle on the design details for your necklace. Pricing ranges from ~$220 to $950+ depending on each of these factors. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know in your consultation.