Your diamond + our favorite necklace.

Our signature Lola Necklace is the perfect home for a diamond you want wear close to your heart every day. The protective bezel balances beautifully on your choice of a classic cable or petite oval link chain.

Customize Your Lola Necklace

How does it work?

  1. Use the Lola Necklace Composer to select your favorite gold color and chain length.
  2. When we approve your order, we will send you an insured shipping label & shipping instructions to send in your diamond. We may request photos of your diamond to approve your order.
  3. Once we receive your materials, your Lola necklace will take us 4-6 weeks to complete.


The Lola necklace is priced based on the size of your diamond, as well as your selections. Pricing starts at $880 for setting your half carat diamond in 14kt gold.

More Questions? Visit the LOLA FAQS.

Crafted for your diamond.

We custom make each Lola Necklace to the exact specifications of your round heirloom diamond. We are happy to un-set your diamond for you if it is still in a previous setting. The gold or platinum from your original setting can be applied as a credit towards your project, or returned to you.

Start Your Lola Necklace

Is my diamond the right size?

The Lola necklace is ideal for round diamonds from .15cts to 1.5cts. If you're not sure what size your diamond is, you can use our printable guide to estimate!

Print the diamond guide

Have something different in mind?

Book in for a consultation if you have a different project in mind! If the Lola design isn't right for you, or if your diamond is larger than 2cts or smaller than 0.15cts we can offer a variety of different suggestions.

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