Gold Credit

We are always happy to re-use and recycle your precious metals as much as possible during your renovation project. We can recycle your excess precious metals (gold & platinum) and apply a credit towards your project. Most of our clients recycle gold with us to reduce their total project cost. This credit gets applied to your final invoice.

How much credit will I receive?

Gold is credited by purity and weight. It's difficult to judge weight from a photograph, however you can see the three examples above to get a ballpark idea. If you would like to estimate what credit you might have, we recommend using a kitchen or postal scale at home, or we're happy to weigh it for you upon arrival in our studio. You can determine the approximate purity of the gold by looking for small stamps inside of your jewelry or around the clasps/closures. Gold is stamped by purity in percentage or karat, for example 585 or 14k.

If you aren't able to weigh your jewelry, you can use the image above as a rough guide to set your expectations. Each image is of all 14k gold pieces. Light extras is typical of $100-$200 of credit. Pocket full of gold is typical of $400-$600 of credit. Treasure chest is typical of $1500-$2500 of credit. We hope that helps!

Can you use silver and other metals?

We're happy to recycle silver for you, however the credit is very small in today's market. We typically recommend holding on to intact silver pieces that aren't being used for your project (they make excellent dress-up treasures for a child in your life!) or donating them.

Sentimental Gold

If you'd like use to re-use your exact gold in your new piece, we are often able to do so.

First we will melt and purify your gold. Sometimes we need to add additional pure gold to create a consistent alloy or to have enough gold for your new jewelry. We do charge a small fee for this service as it takes quite a bit of extra time and process to create your new pieces.