Heirloom Diamond Ring Settings

Our signature made-to-order ring designs give a fresh life to your inherited round diamonds.

The next chapter for your diamond...

Working with inherited, antique, and vintage diamonds is our way of creating meaningful connections between generations.
We believe that jewelry is meant to be worn and we love finding creative ways to bring new life to jewelry with a past.

While many inherited pieces have tremendous sentimental meaning, many have dated styles that aren't super wearable.
Over time, we've honed in on exceptionally wearable designs that consistently highlight the beauty of heirloom stones.

Our Process

Crafted from start to finish in our Flatiron, NYC studio by our talented team of artisans.

Careful assessment

Our first step upon receiving your diamond is to carefully remove it from the original setting. Then we begin evaluating and documenting the stone, taking the precise measurements that we will use throughout our process.

Handcrafted for your stone

Diamonds are typically hand cut to maximize their carat weight, not to a standard size, and antique stones can be even more unpredictable!

We fabricate each of our settings in buttery 18kt gold to the exact dimensions of your unique diamond for the most beautiful proportions.

Our Collection

Each of our settings is offered in 18kt Yellow Gold, or in other metals by custom request, and are designed for diamonds from .15ct to 2cts. They all work beautifully as engagement rings or as statement rings for any finger.

How does shipping work?

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll send you an insured FedEx label as well as detailed instructions for how to safely ship your piece in. We also welcome in-person drop-offs at our studio in NYC if you’re in the area!

What if I don't have a diamond?

We specialize in sourcing post-consumer, antique, and modern diamonds and would be happy to source a diamond for you. Send us a note with the ring style and diamond size you’re interested in here.

How long does it take?

Our production time is approximately 6-8 weeks from the time we receive your materials. (If this must be expedited for the sake of love send us a note and we will see what we can do!)

Do you offer appraisals?

Yes, your finished ring will be delivered with an insurance value appraisal from an independent appraiser.

What else can I do with my heirloom diamond?

We offer custom renovations as well! Please book in for a consultation call and we're happy to discuss other design options. You can see many examples of our custom work on our Instagram. Please note that our custom project timeline is approximately 3 months.

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What if my diamond is outside of your size range?

In most cases, our designs are customizable for larger or smaller diamonds by custom request. If you're unsure of your diamond's size, you can approximate using our printable diamond size guide.

Custom Request

Stacking with our Sentimental Gold Bands

Our ring settings were developed with our band styles in mind and they stack beautifully.

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Custom Requests

If you'd like to request one of our solitaire styles in a different metal color, center stone size, etc. Please send us a note here and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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