A custom necklace for your coin.

Coin necklaces are an enduring favorite at SPUR headquarters. A petite accent stone and a custom solid gold bezel elevate your sentimental coin to fine jewelry. This style layers well but is substantial enough to wear alone.

Use our Coin Necklace Composer to start your custom necklace order.

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How does it work?

  1. Use the Coin Necklace Composer to select your metal color, accent gemstone, and chain.
  2. When we approve your order, we will send you an insured shipping label and shipping instructions to send in your coin. We may request photos of your coin to approve your order.
  3. Once we receive your materials, your coin necklace will take us 4-6 weeks to complete.


The coin necklaces are priced by the size of your coin. Selected accent gemstones and your choice of 14kt gold chains add additional costs. Not sure what size your coin is? You can use our printable guide to measure.

Prices range from $460 to $1680 depending on your selections. All pricing is listed within the Coin Necklace Composer.

NY Sales Tax is additional for NY State delivery addresses.

Choose a gemstone.

A rotating selection of limited edition gemstones are available in the Coin Necklace Composer from our personal collection. We typically have fewer than 5 pieces per gemstone available at a time. Once they are gone, they are gone! We handpick each gemstone from antique, post-consumer, and deadstock as well as other ethical gemstone sources.

You can also choose to send us your own sentimental 3mm to 5mm gemstone to use in your necklace.

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We have coins too!

Love the design but don't have a special coin? We have a small selection of beautiful antique and ancient coins for you to choose from.

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Our coin necklace design is perfect for everything from a sentimental souvenir from an arcade to a precious ancient coin.

Want to do something else with your coin?

Coin necklaces are one of our most popular renovation projects. If you have something else in mind like a ring for example, please book a consultation appointment and we can work out the details in a brief phone consultation!

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