What is jewelry renovation?

Fine jewelry materials are inherently recyclable. By re-working the jewelry you don't wear into your new favorites, we're able to capture both the material and sentimental value that's already in your jewelry box right now.

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How does it work?

First we'll take a look at pictures of your jewelry and chat with you about your style.

Then we'll send over our proposal with sketches & pricing for each design we suggest.

When you're ready to get started, we'll send you an insured FedEx label & safe shipping instructions to send us your jewels.

Each piece is custom and handcrafted in-house by our talented team. It takes us about 3 months to create your new jewelry and send it back to you.

How do I get started?

Make an appointment to talk to us about your jewelry and your style. We'll review photos of your jewelry and brainstorm about what new pieces we could create from your materials for you to enjoy everyday. Your consultation is free. It's the first step to working with us on your custom project.

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We're happy to answer your specific questions on your phone consultation. Please see our FAQs for some common queries.

What materials can you use?

Most of our projects involve recycling and re-using fine jewelry materials such as gold, platinum, diamonds, or gemstones. We have also worked with alternative materials such as raw gems, bone, and petrified wood.

Do you buy extra gold?

If you have extra gold or platinum you'd like to recycle towards the cost of your project, we're happy to take care of refining it for you and will credit your final invoice.