Jewelry is meant to be worn.

Every project is completely custom depending on the materials you have. We renovate diamonds, gemstones, pearls, brooches, coins, and more into sentimental pieces you can enjoy every day. Here is a selection of some of our favorite recent projects. The price ranges listed below are examples based on recent projects, please get in touch for an exact quote based on your materials. We'll put together an individual sketch and proposal for you. Pricing varies depending on complexity, labor, and materials.

Diamond Projects

As the hardest gemstone, diamonds are easy to recycle. We can carefully remove them from their original settings and give them new life. We love working with antique cuts and diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

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A delicate bezel setting is a lovely way to wear an inherited diamond every day. from $420 - $880
An integrated chain bracelet can bring together diamonds and gemstones from different parts of your life. Perfect for layering. from $380 - $1080
Hand engraved star settings are a beautiful way to set diamonds flush into a wide band. from $1020 - $2820
A custom cluster ring is an exciting way to incorporate a mixture of differently sized diamonds. from $1220 - $2820.
Diamond sticks are the ideal party earring and an excellent way to re-use diamonds that are similarly sized from an old hoop or wedding band. from $820 - $1420
Mismatched diamond pull through earrings are an asymmetrical but balanced look using two of your diamonds. from $190 - $440
A large number of small diamonds really sing when integrated into a delicate chain. From $410 - $1010

Gemstone Projects

We can work with gemstones from your inherited jewelry, your gem auction "problem", and the jewelry you never wear. We're always coming up with new ways to bring your sentimental and beautiful gemstones to the surface of your life so you can cherish them daily.

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Custom medallion pendants can incorporate your collected gemstones and custom engravings. This acrostic medallion spells CARSON with collected gemstones. ("C" is Citrine, "A" is Aquamarine ,etc.). from $1020 - $3600
An integrated gemstone bracelet or necklace can bring together gemstones from all different parts of your life. from $380 - $1020
Larger gemstones make beautiful mismatched gemstone studs with the addition of a small accent stone or diamonds. from $520 - $1020
Our necklace for a jewelry and gemstone collector, a Gem Charm necklace celebrates your collected gemstones. Allow us to add a few additional gems if you'd like! from $1080
Our sliding charm necklaces allow you to stack and re-arrange your charms and chains. from $680
Gemstone cluster rings are perfect for a variety of gemstone sizes and lovers of asymmetry. Allow us to source a few additional stones for you to balance your cluster. from $1280 - $2680
A flush set burnished ring works well for smaller sentimental gems. from $680 - $1280
A carved gemstone ring is a statement piece to celebrate a special gemstone. from $1680 - $3200


Pearls are the most common material we encounter and also one of the most versatile. We renovate pearl necklaces, pearl studs, and loose pearls.

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Partially drilled pearls make perfect pull through earrings. The pearl sits right at the ear lobe, with the chain hanging behind for movement and balance. from $190-$310
Fully drilled pearls added to handmade ear wires are our take on formal pearl earrings. from $210 - $410
If you're a hoops person at heart, we can turn your pearl studs into large handmade solid gold hoops. from $980 - $1320
Adding lapis, rose quartz, turquoise, or malachite beads matched perfectly to your pearls is a design-forward alternative to your classic pearl necklace. (Ideal for splitting a single strand of pearls into two necklaces.)from $300 - $880
We love to spread pearls out on a delicate chain for a less formal look. This is a long necklace that can be worn doubled as a bracelet. from $380-$680

Coin & Token Projects

Over the past few years we've discovered that many people have coins, medallions, and tokens that are precious to them but it's tricky to find a place for them in their lives. Our coin projects make these special objects a treasured part of your day-to-day.

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Allow us to source a small ruby or sapphire accent, and set your coin in a custom gold bezel that organically follows the line of the its shape. from $420 - $1880
Star set diamonds or rubies can elevate a brass or silver medallion to beautiful fine jewelry. from $1200 - $3200
A keychain setting is a nice way to incorporate a sentimental but common coin into your daily routine. from $180 - $380
Carved bezels can be a protective setting for a coin or intaglio ring. from $1800 - $2800
A "T" shape is a sexier take on our classic coin necklace. from $820 - $1180