We're dedicated to giving new life to the jewelry that collects dust.

We typically begin with a phone consultation so we can get to know your style and chat about your jewelry. Then we send along a proposal with sketches and pricing for the designs we would recommend based on your materials and personal style. When you're ready to get started, please book in!

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Here are a few of our favorite types of projects to work on:

Melt family gold into wedding bands.

Melting your parents or grandparents wedding bands into bands for your ceremony is a beautiful way to create a connection between generations. Read more about Naomi's wedding in the NY Times!

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Tell a story about your life or family through jewelry.

There's nothing we love more than bringing together gemstones or diamonds from multiple family members into a wearable treasure you can enjoy every day. Read more about Corey's necklace.
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Update jewelry from past relationships

Re-using materials from wedding jewelry and gifts so that they feel completely different is one of our favorite things to do. Utilizing symbolism, asymmetry, color, and other design elements, we can make even the most 'bridal' looking materials feel new. Read about Aly's snake ring.
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Use up your extra small diamonds.

Small materials don't necessitate a small project. We love to make the most of the little extra diamonds you may have left over. Read more about Tiziana's shield earrings.
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Design an engagement ring with your inherited diamonds.

Resetting family diamonds as updated engagement rings is one of our most specialized areas. We particularly love working with antique center stones, adding colored gemstones, anniversary rings, and non-traditional designs. Book in for your engagement ring consultation.

Create a necklace from your collected gemstones.

For the magpies among us who have been collecting gemstones our entire lives, a gem charm necklace or bracelet can be a great starting point to bring them together into a single piece of jewelry. We've also made collected gemstone earrings, necklaces, and rings. Book in to discuss your gemstone project.

Convert unwearable antiques.

We're antique lovers through and through, but some family heirlooms are damaged beyond repair or completely unwearable. We can offer advice and solutions for pieces that need an expert touch. Read about Kara's Georgian hand.
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Craft custom reliquaries.

Hollow gold reliquaries can permanently house a small amount of ash along with a sentimental engraving and symbolic gemstones. Read more about Madi's reliquary.
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Set your heirloom diamond in a classic pendant necklace.

Keep your heirloom diamond close to your heart with our classic Lola Necklace, or book in for a consultation for a custom design consultation.

Create a necklace from your coin.

A sentimental coin can make a wonderful layering necklace. Build the perfect coin necklace on our Coin Necklace page, or book in for a consultation to discuss a custom design.

Update your childhood jewelry to match your current style.

Components from childhood jewelry can be given a restrained edit for a playful, sentimental, and wearable piece that works with your current style. Book in to discuss your childhood jewelry project.

Work with unconventional materials.

We're known to work on custom baby tooth rings, shark tooth bracelets, rock collections, cameos, glass and more. We love to problem solve a jewelry challenge. Read about one of our milk tooth ring for Desiree. Book in to discuss your own unconventional material project.


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