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Jewelry is meant to be worn.

Create custom jewelry from the sentimental materials you already have.

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Tell us about your jewelry. We'll consider why you aren't wearing it, your style, and the sentiment behind the piece.


Receive your hand-drawn sketches with design options for your materials with corresponding pricing.


We'll create your new jewelry. Leftover materials can be returned to you or applied to your project as a credit.

What to renovate?

Most jewelry and small sentimental treasures make good candidates for renovations. Some pieces lend themselves to being altered in their original form, others can be dissembled into their component parts to create new pieces. Gemstone jewelry, coins and tokens, cameos, intaglios, chunky gold jewelry, clip on earrings, inherited diamonds, and pearls are all versatile materials and can be recycled.

Diamond Projects

As the hardest gemstone, diamonds are easy to recycle. We can carefully remove them from their original settings and give them new life. We love working with antique cuts and diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Diamond Pendant Perfect for engagement ring center stones.
from $500
Mismatched Diamond Ring We'll source the perfect emerald, sapphire or ruby to match your diamond.
from $1150
Carved Malachite and Diamond Studs Handcarved malachite, onyx, or moonstone to hug your diamonds.
from $780
Diamond Paperclip Necklace A glittering statement necklace for a special diamond.
from $1350
Side Stone Studs.Perfect for baguettes from engagement rings and wedding bands.
from $450

Gemstone Projects

Unworn brooches, pendants, and rings are great sources of unique gemstones to use in your new pieces. Look for birthstones, favorite colors, and sentimental gems to re-use.

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Matte Platinum Carved Ring A handcarved home for a special gem.
from $1950
Modular Bracelet Mix and match your tiny gems.
from $980
Gem Studs Mismatched gem studs.
from $450
Sliding Charm Necklace A sliding charm for each of your gems.
from $800
Charm necklace All of your collected gems in one necklace.
from $850
Baguette and Diamond Band A custom ring band using your gemstones.
from $650
Single Stone Ring A minimalist setting for a sentimental gem.
from $390
Gem Station Necklace All of your collected gems in one necklace.
from $410
Polished Carved Gemstone Ring A handcarved home for a special gem.
from $1950

Coins, Cufflinks, & Treasures

Create a sentimental talisman from your collected precious objects.

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Intaglio Ring in Matte Gold A home for a coin, intaglio, or cameo.
from $1950
Coin Necklace An open bezel pendant for your special coin.
From $480
Cork Keychain Keep an occasion worth celebrating with you.
from $390
Cufflink Earrings Transform cufflinks into studs.
from $125
Talisman Necklace Set a coin or treasure with gems.
from $125


Brooches, lockets, class rings, signets and chains can be disassembled into their components and crafted into new pieces.

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Brooch Bangle Add bands to make a brooch into a bangle.
from $980
Hammered Wedding Band Earrings Hammer a wedding band into tiny hoops.
from $250
Brooch Necklace We will alter your brooch to work as a necklace.
from $250


Pearls are the most common material we encounter and also one of the most versatile. They can easily become more casual and with the addition of chain or a contrasting gemstone.

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Duo Necklace Half a strand of pearls + half a strand of lapis or malachite.
from $360
Pearl Station necklaceWe strategically distribute your pearls through a delicate chain.
from $550
Pearl and Gold Chain Drops Etherial pearl earrings from your extra pearls.
from $360
Pearl Dangles Use six of your sentimental pearls for a pair of earrings.
from $225
Graduated Pearl Necklace We'll match your pearls in a different size for scale and interest.
from $520
Pearl Hoops Extra pearls added to minimalist hoops.
from $220