A Bow Ring for Sable

  • Ring carnage!
  • Our sketches for Sable's renovation
  • Sable's finished ring
  • Sable’s original wedding set sadly had to be cut off her finger! She came to us looking to take her rings’ demise as an opportunity to redesign them to match her current style. She wanted something a bit understated and not overly bridal. Sable mentioned loving Victorian bow rings and we ran with the idea of creating a modern take on that style. 

    Bows have been used in jewelry for centuries, and have come to symbolize marriage, love, and affection. It's possible that our use of bows in rings comes from the Roman tradition of tying a string on the finger to remember something or someone. We think this makes the bow a perfect choice for Sable's wedding ring redesign; when she looks it at, we hope it reminds her of the love it represents and conjures the memory of her original wedding set.