A Toi et Moi Ring for Katherine

  • Katherine's updated toi et moi ring.
  • Our sketch for Katherine's ring.
  • Katherine's new ring at home on her hand!
  • Translating from French to “you and me,” Toi et Moi rings have been used for centuries to celebrate marriage, romance and love. Made famous by Napolean Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine, who was proposed to by the French general with a toi et moi sapphire and diamond ring, this symbolic style has been iterated by jewelers using all varieties of stones and settings. (Style icon Jackie Onassis is also famous for redesigning her engagement ring in the toi et moi style). Though typically given as engagement rings to represent two people (two stones) coming together, toi et moi rings can also be used to represent any special relationship, romantic or not.

    Katherine gave birth to her daughter during last Spring’s quarantine, and wanted to create a piece of jewelry that was emblematic of their bond. She brought us a sentimental aquamarine that one of her aunt’s had gifted her as a child and a diamond from a great aunt’s engagement ring that she hoped to pair with it. Though the aquamarine was severely chipped, we were able to recut the stone and breathe  life back into it for her new design. We nestled the stones next to each other in modern, minimal bezels on a sleek white gold band so that Katherine could have an everyday piece to remind her of her daughter.

    As Katherine said to us, “Thank you for helping create a piece I'll be happy to pass along to my daughter someday!”