Acrostic Pendant for Stephanie

  • The front of the acrostic necklace spelling Carson.
  • The back of the necklace, featuring moonstone and Stephanie's anklet links.
  • Simone's sketch for the acrostic necklace.
  • Stephanie came to us with a beautiful design idea. She had recently given birth and wanted to make herself a pendant that spelled out her son's name in gemstones. She also wanted to incorporate odds and ends from sentimental pieces of jewelery she used to wear from her past. 

    Acrostic jewelry was popularized in the Victorian period when romantic secret messages would be written in gemstones. For example if you see a ring in an antique store set with a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald (again), sapphire, and topaz all in a row, it spells "DEAREST". 

    To spell Carson we used: 


    One side of the round solid gold disk has bezel set gemstones and the other side has four sections from a golden heart link bracelet that she used to wear as an anklet as a teenager. In the center of the hearts is a cabochon antique moonstone, her son's birthstone. 

    The pendant has a matte finish and the bezels and hearts were made shiny.