An Antique Ring Recreation for Rachel

  • Rachel's ring pre-accident.
  • The finished recreated version.
  • Freak jewelry accidents happen, and when they do, the heartbreak is hard to heal. Rachel’s Art Deco engagement ring unfortunately suffered a tragic fate when it was mangled in a garbage disposal just before her wedding.

    Rather than design a completely new piece, Rachel wanted to recreate her lost ring as closely to the original as possible. Recreating an antique is a particular challenge because the charm of a piece includes the generations of wear and quirky decisions made by the original jeweler. In order to capture the antique and whimsical quality of her first ring, we hand-fabricated each aspect of the piece, including sourcing and cutting the sapphires to match the calibre cuts in the original design.

    We’re so proud of how this piece turned out and hope that it stays on Rachel’s finger for a lifetime!