An Art Deco inspired ring for Caitlin

  • Caitlin's Art Deco inspired ring with sapphire and diamonds.
  • Caitlin's materials, a jewelry suite gifted to her by her mother.
  • Emerging in the early 1920s, and lasting through the mid-1930s, the Art Deco design period is one of the most recognizable and referenced styles across jewelry, architecture and design. In contrast to the flowing lines and nature-inspired motifs of the earlier Art Nouveau period, the Art Deco era was characterized by geometric shapes and patterns, symmetry, and clean-lined modernism. In jewelry, this translated to the use of platinum and white gold, calibre cut stones (or stones specifically cut to fit an individual design) and a contrasting palette of diamonds with colored stones such as onyx, sapphires and emeralds.  

    Clients regularly cite the Art Deco period as a favorite, including Caitlin, who wanted to make an entirely new engagement ring that felt daintier and more antique than her original ring. Using a suite of sapphire and diamond jewelry inherited from her mother, we put together a host of Deco-inspired dream rings for Caitlin to select from. Luckily for us, Caitlin’s princess-cut sapphires and tapered baguettes lent themselves beautifully to the graphic lines of the Art Deco period she wanted to reference.  

    She ultimately chose a bow design ring, centering on one of her round diamonds with an arc of smaller diamonds above and below, and flanked on either side by a row of channel-set sapphires. We set the ring is white gold and finished the edges with millegrain detail (both Deco signatures), and now Caitlin’s 1920s inspired ring is ready to wear in the 2020s.