Antique Hand Pendant for Kara

  • Kara's gem-encrusted hand during its life as a ring
  • Our final design with the hand on a gold medallion
  • This delicate antique hand has been in Kara’s family for a very very long time. At some point along the way it was converted to a ring. Unfortunately, it sustained some damage and lost a few rose cut diamonds. We carefully restored it, replacing the rose cuts, and positioned it elegantly on an oval gold medallion. As a necklace this heirloom hand will be more protected for the future, and we love how it now feels like a more substantial statement piece.

    Hand jewelry has been around for centuries, and holds a lot of symbolism across cultures. The Hamsa, for example, while a popular design found in all types of contemporary jewelry, is originally an ancient Middle Eastern symbol believed to protect against harm. Hands often symbolize friendship, affection, or, sometimes, simply elegance! 

    Kara's hand was likely once a late Georgian Era brooch that her family repurposed into a ring. That means this hand is almost 200 years old. We love how much history this object holds!