Cluster Charm Ring Necklace for Corey

  • Corey's heirlooms
  • Our proposal sketches for Corey's project
  • Corey's renovated jewels
  • Corey came to us with an eclectic mix of heirlooms: her grandmother’s engagement ring, her grandfather’s gold band and her dad’s wedding ring. It was important to her to find a way to bring them together into one piece. While her grandfather’s band was a bit dented, it still had lovely details and structural integrity. We used the band as a large loop to hang Corey’s heirloom diamond collection from. We were able to preserve the original settings of the three diamonds from her grandmother’s engagement ring, and reset the three smaller diamonds into a petite line charm.

    We love how almost deceptively light and playful the finished necklace is, knowing how much meaning it holds.