Horseshoe Ring for Rosa

  • Rosa's original jewelry
  • Our sketch of the emerald-and-diamond horseshoe ring
  • Rosa's finished jewels!
  • Using emeralds from her grandmother, Rosa wanted to create an updated piece inspired by Victorian horseshoe jewelry as a talisman of family and good luck. As is tradition, the seven diamonds = seven nails. 

    The Victorian Era was a time of increased superstition, which likely caused the rise of the use of horseshoes in jewelry to ward off bad luck. Real, iron horseshoes have been used for centuries for this purpose, and the lore surrounding them is vast. To hang a horseshoe upright above one's door is said to protect from evil and will trap luck and bring good fortune into the home. However, if you hang the horseshoe with the open half facedown, luck will flow out of your home. Be careful how you decorate!