Paperclip Necklaces for Cassandra

  • All of Cassandra's clip on earrings after.
  • All of Cassandra's clip on earrings before.
  • Cassandra had been gifted a pair of heavy Buccellati gold clip on earrings from a relative and loved their gold floral forms but knew she would just never wear them as earrings. 

    We sketched out a few designs for her and landed on layering necklaces. The style of chain we used is called a "paperclip chain" (one of our all time favorite classic chains) and we set and soldered in a few diamonds in a few of the links to add a hint of sparkle. 

    The clip on earrings were converted into pendants and we carefully preserved the original signed Buccellati clips so that if anyone in her family ever wanted to wear them as earrings again they could go back to their original form. 

    Ever since we put a photo of this project on our website we have gotten so many clip on earring inquiries. So many people have them laying in their jewelry box and just don't have a way to wear them!