Projects that use a lot of gemstones

  • A lifetime of gem collecting >>> a gem charm necklace on a 14kt gold chain.
  • We used sapphires from Jenny's necklace to make her this loose fringe-y necklace that hangs 24" long.
  • Floral earrings from Alison made from a collection of sapphires.
  • Cabochons from a ring of Eve's made into a cluster necklace.
  • A layered necklace for Cathy with rubies, turquoise, and amethysts from multiple pieces in her collection.
  • An acrostic for Stephanie spelling her son's name in gemstones.
  • A delicate necklace from a collection of heart shaped gemstones.
  • A station necklace for Lindsay with stones from vintage rings given to her by her parents.
  • What to do with a LOT of gems? When we encounter a large gem collection, we're never unhappy.

    Some of our clients are gem hunters and life-long jewelry lovers, they approach us with a number of stones they aren't sure what to do with. Here are some of our favorite recent projects that made use of lots of stones in pleasing ways.  

    Necklaces are a natural choice for this type of project because there is lots of real estate to work with, but candy-like gem earrings are also a lot of fun.