About SPUR

For the love of jewelry, family, and meaningful connections between generations.

A note from one of our first customers, Lucy.

Jewelry life.

We're lucky to have inherited special jewelry from the generations before us.

And even luckier to have families that believe in living in the moment and making the most of what we have.

Recycling is fundamental.

The craft of fine jewelry making is an experiment in reducing, re-using, and recycling by nature. The components that make up fine jewelry are inherently re-usable. Their tremendously high value discourages their waste. By re-working old unworn pieces into your new favorites, we're able to capture both the material and sentimental value that's already in your jewelry box right now.

We're deeply invested in ethical sourcing and can customize any design to reflect your personal choices.


Simone Paasche & Sophie Fader

We first met in elementary school in the Bronx and were re-introduced as teenagers in an after-school art program in Yonkers. After many years of working in jewelry independently, SPUR is our collaboration.

Simone is a RISD trained jeweler and designer and our resident "Pearl Queen".

The third generation in her family to pursue jewelry professionally, Sophie is a magpie for 80s Chanel.