Charm Holder

We created the charm holder of our dreams to incorporate our sentimental odds and ends into our daily wardrobe. It's perfect for dressing up childhood charms, or as a staging area to curate antiques.
Customize your Charm Holder

What chains can I use?

Our charm holder is designed to work best with a clasp-less chain terminating in two larger links. We have a selection of chains for you to choose from, or we're happy to convert your existing chain for $150 with your purchase of a charm holder. Please note that the charm holder will add 1.25 inches to your total chain length.

What charms will work with the charm holder?

The charm holder is about 1.25 inches long. it's perfect for a collection of smaller charms or one or two larger statement charms. We have a printable page you can download so you can see how your charms will look with the charm holder at scale.
From the left: Rollo chain, polished finish, oval link, matte finish, large paperclip, silver paperclip, assorted charms.

Design Notes

We strove to create a chain clip that was highly functional but also beautiful on its own. We studied references ranging from antiquity to mid-century modernist design, including Victorian-era watch fobs & equestrian horse bits. We landed on a sleek, modified buckle-like design, with notches to comfortably fit a chain. The long, softly curved base is ideal for displaying charms and the hand fabricated riveted hinge closes with a satisfying click. Available in solid 14kt yellow gold in matte and polished finishes.
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