Party Earrings for Sabrina

  • Sparkly ruby and diamond party stick earrings.
  • Sabrina's finished Bold blue topaz cocktail ring.
  • Our sketch for Sabrina.
  • Sabrina's jewelry before!
  • Call us pessimists, but we value a good break up almost as much as a head-over-heels romance. So many of us receive jewelry from our partners for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, but what do you do when that relationship has ended and the jewelry remains? Sabrina came to us with that same question, wanting to treat herself to some fresh jewelry using pieces gifted to her by her ex. 


    We drew up colorful, fun options for her that she could wear to celebrate her newly single status. She chose our aptly named “Party Stick Earrings” and a cool three stone topaz cocktail ring, both perfect for a night out with friends (whenever that can happen again!) or for a Zoom date. In Sabrina’s words, “I LOVE THEM!!!!!,” and so do we!


    Have some jewelry from an ex that you don’t know what to do with? Reach out to us for a consultation and let us help you get rid of the bad vibes from your break up and turn it into treasure.